About Events@Penn

Your guide to all the events Penn and Philly have to offer.

Looking for events? Events@Penn hosts various events going on around Penn's campus and the Philly area. Search by date, or browse by organization or category. You don't need to have an account to look at events or organizations.

Posting events? If you would like to host your organizations events on our platform, you must log in through your Facebook account using the button above. You will be prompted to log in and grant Events@Penn page viewing privileges. Next, navigate to the Organization tab, and choose to Add an Organization, which can be done either from scratch, or through Facebook if you are an administrator of the host organization's Facebook page. If you create an organization through Facebook, all of your organization's past, present and future events will automatically populate into the platform.

History: One piece of advice that The Daily Pennsylvanian frequently receives in annual surveys is that students want to access more up-to-date and consistent information about events that are happening on and around Penn's campus. In an effort to address this void in Penn student life, the DP has come together to create an events platform to consolidate events from a variety of sources in an easily accessible and comprehensive format.

Credits: Events@Penn is managed by Megha Agarwal and was built by Andrew Fischer, Alex Graves, Nolan Hill, and Colby Cox, on The Daily Pennsylvanian's web development team.

What are event categories?

Events are sorted by categories, which are set automatically when events are pulled from Facebook, or can be customized when you create an event. Event categories are distinguished by different colors, which are:

  •   Academic
  •   Arts
  •   Athletic
  •   Career and Professional
  •   Causes
  •   Charity and Community Service
  •   Conferences, Meetings and Workshops
  •   Ethnic and Cultural
  •   Food
  •   Health and Wellness
  •   Lectures and Speakers
  •   Music, Theater and Performances
  •   Political
  •   Religious and Spiritual
  •   Other